Backend Engineer

Preferable Location(s): Lagos, Nigeria
Work Type: Full Time

The one thing we think about non-stop at Lendsqr is how we can get every African access to loans just when they need it. The incredible lives we hear about in developed countries are anchored on ordinary citizens having access to loans to go to school, get their first homes, cards, and even smartphones.

Over the last few years, Lendsqr has been revolutionizing how everyone can get loans easily by helping lenders with the technology, data, and services they need to launch their digital lending at scale.

Top digital lenders like Kredi Bank, Urgent10k, Irorun, and even Sterling Bank now depend on Lendsqr to power their lending systems.
But we cannot do all these without committed and incredibly smart people who share the same passion and vision for Africa. We need you. Join us!

About the backend engineering role
The Lendsqr Engineering team is looking for an exceptional candidate to take on the role of Backend Engineer. This is an exciting role responsible for writing web services and APIs used by frontend and mobile application engineers. The key requirement for this position is a growth-oriented mindset and commitment to excellence.

  1. Implement, test, deliver, and maintain product features (new and existing)
  2. Create technical reports on feature implementations
  3. Research on existing/new product features and areas of improvement
  4. Commit to creating and maintaining secure coding practices (and standards)
  5. Provide support for product features (when needed)
  1. 3+ years' experience performing similar functions
  2. Minimum of a 2:1 grade from any relevant field of study
  3. High level proficiency with TypeScript for the backend (NodeJS)
  4. Good, working, knowledge of a Git
  5. Good, working, knowledge of the SQL query language (MySQL flavor). [Knowledge and understanding of ORMs is a plus]
  6. Good, working, knowledge of NoSQL databases (MongoDB especially). [Knowledge and understanding of ODMs is a plus]
  7. Ability to understand business requirements and translate them into technical requirements
  1. Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  2. Creativity and resourcefulness
  3. Organizational and time management skills
  4. High analytical and problem-solving skills
  5. Detail-oriented and quick to learn
  6. The ability to work independently and as part of a team
Compensation Structure
  1. Base pay
  2. Incentive pay 
  3. Other company benefits as defined by policy

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